RBC Digital Programmable, Low Profile Eco Fluid Radiators

RBC Low Height Programmable Electric Radiator
Product Code Dimensions Wattage Control Type Price

79.5cm x 10cm x 43cm


Digital Controls

£608.04 inc vat

95.5cm x 10cm x 43cm


Digital Controls

£634.67 inc vat

119.5cm x 10cm x 43cm


Digital Controls

£838.57 inc vat


The Elnur RBC Digital Programmable Low Profile Eco Fluid Radiators represent a sophisticated and energy-efficient heating solution designed to provide optimal comfort while minimising environmental impact. Here’s an overview of their key features:

Key Features:

  1. Digital Programmable Control: These radiators feature advanced digital programmable controls, allowing users to customise heating schedules according to their preferences and daily routines. The intuitive interface provides precise temperature management and the flexibility to adapt to varying heating needs.

  2. Low Profile Design: With a sleek and low-profile design, these radiators are space-efficient and aesthetically pleasing. The compact build makes them suitable for various room layouts, providing effective heating without compromising on available space.

  3. Eco Fluid Technology: The radiators incorporate eco-friendly fluid technology to achieve efficient and even heat distribution. This technology ensures that heat is uniformly dispersed across the radiator’s surface, promoting consistent warmth throughout the room.

  4. Energy-Efficient Performance: Engineered for energy efficiency, these radiators help users reduce energy consumption and lower heating costs. The combination of digital programmable controls and eco fluid technology enables users to create heating schedules tailored to their lifestyle, optimising the balance between comfort and energy savings.

  5. Versatile Installation: The radiators offer versatile installation options, allowing users to choose between wall-mounted or freestanding configurations. This flexibility ensures that the radiators seamlessly integrate into various room setups.

  6. User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the digital controls make it easy for users to set and adjust heating preferences. Real-time temperature monitoring and programming options contribute to a hassle-free and customisable heating experience.

  7. Quiet Operation: The radiators are designed for quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful environment without disruptive noise. This feature is particularly beneficial for maintaining a tranquil ambiance in bedrooms, living spaces, or offices.


In summary, the RBC Digital Programmable Low Profile Eco Fluid Radiators combine digital precision, eco-friendly fluid technology, and a low-profile design to offer an efficient, space-saving, and customisable heating solution for modern living spaces.

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The Elnur RBC Digital Programmable Low Profile Eco Fluid Radiators exemplify a cutting-edge approach to heating solutions, prioritising both efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Boasting advanced digital programmable controls, these radiators empower users to tailor heating schedules to their daily routines, providing a personalised and energy-efficient warmth experience. With a sleek and low-profile design, they effortlessly integrate into various room layouts, maximising space without compromising on heating effectiveness. The incorporation of eco-friendly fluid technology ensures even heat distribution, promoting consistent warmth throughout the room. Designed for energy efficiency, versatility, and quiet operation, these radiators offer a sophisticated and user-friendly solution for contemporary living spaces.

Model RBC9 RBC11 RBC14
No. of Modules
Length cm
Depth* cm
Height cm
Weight kg
Input/Output W
Voltage V
Frequency Hz
EAN 13

*Plus 2cm separated from the wall

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Electric Radiators are energy efficient, with the ability to convert 100% of the consumed electric energy into heat, making them one of the most efficient home heating options on the market. Many Electric Radiators feature advanced technologies to give homeowners greater control over their heating. An example of this is the option for 24/7 programming and  temperature adjustments.

The running costs of Electric Radiators depend on various factors, such as the size and insulation of your home, as well as the temperature you desire in that room. Additionally, your own lifestyle affects how much running costs may be–as if you are working from home, heating will have to be on for longer than those who work in an office. Furthermore, the cost per unit of electricity varies between different energy suppliers. However, electric radiators are highly energy-efficient, meaning potentially lower electricity consumption.

We have a free Heatloss Calculator that can help you pick out suggested heaters for your home. We always recommend doing your own research before purchasing any product.

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