Oil Filled Radiators

We have a wide variety of Oil Filled Radiators for you to choose from. This includes models from leading brands such as Elnur, Electrorad, and more. Browse through our selection below to place your order online.

Elnur Ingenium RD Radiators

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Oil Filled Radiators are a type of Electric Radiator commonly used for Space Heating in homes and offices. These Radiators use a heating element to warm up oil, which is sealed inside the Radiator’s metal fins or columns. The oil retains heat well and acts as a heat reservoir, emitting warmth into the room. Oil Filled Radiators provide efficient and consistent heat distribution, ensuring rooms are warmed up evenly. They operate quietly and are suitable for quiet spaces like bedrooms and libraries. Most models are designed to be energy efficient, with adjustable thermostats and timers for precise heating control.


Additionally, Oil Filled Radiators come with safety features like tip-over switches and overheating protection. They are also environmentally friendly, as they produce no emissions or odors, and require minimal maintenance. Even after being turned off, Oil Filled Radiators continue to emit heat as the oil cools down, making them a reliable and cost-effective choice for maintaining a comfortable temperature during the winter months.

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