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Electric heating come in various types, each designed to cater to specific heating needs. Among the diverse options available, fan heaters and downflow heaters stand out as popular top up heating products, offering unique features and advantages listed below.

Some examples include:


Fan Heaters:

Electric Fan heaters are compact electric heaters for small to medium-sized spaces, where rapid heating is required.  They operate by using an electric element to generate heat, which is then circulated into the room by a built-in fan. This mechanism allows for quick warming of the surrounding air, making fan heaters an excellent choice for instant heat.


Downflow Heaters:

Downflow heaters, also known as wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted heaters are commonly installed as a quick easy heating solution for bathrooms, ensuites, kitchens, and some commercial settings. Electric downflow heaters offer a convenient and unobtrusive heating solution directing their heat down into a room. Older down flow heaters use mainly a pull cord on and off operation but others like the Elnur downflow heaters with remote control gives users a much higher level of control.

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