Panel Heaters with Timers

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PH075 Plus Panel Heater

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Panel Heaters with Timers are Electric Heating devices equipped with built-in timer functions, allowing users to program and control when the heater operates. These timers offer convenience, energy efficiency, and the flexibility to tailor the heating schedule to match specific needs and preferences.


Panel Heaters with Timers typically come with a digital or analog timer, which enables users to set the heating duration and on/off times. This means that the heater can automatically turn on or off at specified intervals, even when the user is not present. This feature is beneficial for ensuring that rooms are comfortably heated when needed while conserving energy during unoccupied or night time hours.


The timer function in these heaters allows for customised heating schedules, which can help reduce energy consumption and heating costs. Users can program the heater to align with their daily routines and have the warmth they desire precisely when they need it. This feature is particularly useful in bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces where maintaining a specific temperature at specific times is essential for comfort and energy savings.

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