Electrorad SmartPanel Digital Control Panel Heater

Electrorad SmartPanel Digital Control Panel Heater
Product Code Dimensions Wattage Control Type Price

42.5cm x 8cm x 45cm


Digital Controls

£179.02 inc vat

63.5cm x 8cm x 45cm


Digital Controls

£212.94 inc vat

74.5cm x 8cm x 45cm


Digital Controls

£226.98 inc vat

82.5cm x 8cm x 45cm


Digital Controls

£249.22 inc vat


The Electrorad SmartPanel Digital Control Panel Heater is a modern and technologically advanced heating solution designed to provide efficient and customisable warmth in residential and commercial settings. This panel heater offers several notable features:

Digital Control: The SmartPanel heater is equipped with an advanced digital control system, enabling precise and convenient temperature adjustments to suit individual comfort preferences.

Programmable Timer: With a programmable timer function, users can create personalised heating schedules to align with their daily routines. This feature helps optimise energy consumption and reduce heating costs.

Energy Efficiency: The SmartPanel is engineered for energy efficiency. It quickly warms up spaces, providing prompt heating, and maintains a consistent temperature to ensure comfort while minimising energy wastage.

Silent Operation: This panel heater operates silently, making it an unobtrusive and peaceful addition to any room. It ensures a comfortable environment without disruptive noise.

Safety Features: Electrorad’s SmartPanel comes with safety features such as overheat protection, providing a secure and worry-free heating experience.

Slim and Contemporary Design: The heater’s slim profile and contemporary design make it suitable for various settings. It can be wall mounted, conserving valuable floor space and adding a touch of modern style to the room.


The Electrorad SmartPanel Digital Control Panel Heater is a reliable and efficient choice for those seeking advanced temperature control and energy-saving features. Its combination of digital precision, programmable scheduling, and efficient heating capabilities makes it a practical solution for maintaining a comfortable indoor climate while reducing energy expenses.

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The Electrorad SmartPanel Digital Control Panel Heater is a contemporary and technologically advanced heating solution tailored for residential and commercial spaces. Notable features include an advanced digital control system, allowing precise temperature adjustments, and a programmable timer that enables the creation of custom heating schedules to optimise energy use and lower heating costs.


Efficiency is a core characteristic of the SmartPanel, as it heats spaces quickly while maintaining consistent temperatures, minimising energy wastage. Silent operation ensures a peaceful and unobtrusive heating experience, and safety features like overheat protection provide peace of mind.


The heater’s slim and modern design makes it suitable for various settings, offering flexibility in installation, whether wall mounted or freestanding. The Electrorad SmartPanel Digital Control Panel Heater is a reliable and energy-efficient choice for those in search of advanced temperature control and cost-effective heating.

Model PL0600D PL1200D PL1500D PL2000D
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Frequently Asked Questions

A panel heater is a type of electric heater that consists of a flat, often slim, panel with a heating element inside. Panel heaters work by using an electric heating element to generate heat. The heat is then emitted from the panel, warming up the surrounding air in the room.

Panel heaters can be energy-efficient, especially compared to some other types of heaters. Look for models with adjustable thermostats and timers to control energy consumption.

Panel heaters are often used as supplementary heating rather than the primary source. However, their effectiveness depends on factors like room size, insulation, and local climate.

The lifespan of a Panel Heater can vary depending on usage and maintenance. On average, they can last for several years. Regular cleaning and proper usage can extend their lifespan.

Panel heaters are generally quiet during operation, as they don’t have a fan. This makes them suitable for use in bedrooms or quiet spaces.

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