Sunhouse Dynamic Fan Assisted Storage Heater

Sunhouse Fan Assisted Storage Heaters
Product Code Dimensions Wattage Control Type Price

58.1cm x 18.5cm x 74.9cm


Digital Controls

£631.12 inc vat

70.3cm x 18.5cm x 74.9cm


Digital Controls

£674.49 inc vat

82.3cm x 18.5cm x 74.9cm


Digital Controls

£748.18 inc vat

94.7cm x 18.5cm x 74.9cm


Digital Controls

£827.64 inc vat

106.9cm x 18.5cm x 74.9cm


Digital Controls

£890.92 inc vat


The Sunhouse Dynamic Fan Assisted Storage Heater is a versatile and energy-efficient heating solution designed to deliver consistent warmth while optimising energy consumption. These heaters are equipped with several features that make them a popular choice for residential and commercial spaces:

  1. Fan Assistance: The inclusion of a fan ensures even and rapid distribution of heat throughout the room. This fan-assisted system helps achieve a comfortable temperature more quickly, enhancing the overall heating experience.

  2. High Heat Retention: Sunhouse Dynamic Storage Heaters are designed to store heat during off-peak periods and release it gradually when needed, ensuring a continuous and comfortable indoor climate.

  3. Digital Controls: User-friendly digital controls provide the ability to set and adjust the desired temperature and heating schedules, allowing for convenient and efficient operation.

  4. Energy Efficiency: These heaters are known for their energy efficiency. They can harness cheaper off-peak electricity tariffs to reduce heating costs and minimise energy consumption.

  5. Modern Design: Sunhouse Dynamic Storage Heaters often feature contemporary designs that can complement various interior aesthetics. Their slim profile allows for space-saving wall mounting, making them a stylish and practical heating solution.

  6. Reduced Carbon Footprint: By offering efficient heating and cost savings, these heaters contribute to a lower carbon footprint, making them an eco-friendly choice.


Sunhouse Dynamic Fan Assisted Storage Heaters are a reliable and efficient heating option for those seeking quick and even warmth with energy-saving benefits. Their fan-assisted design ensures rapid temperature adjustment, and their commitment to energy efficiency makes them an environmentally responsible choice for heating residential and commercial spaces.

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The Sunhouse Dynamic Fan Assisted Storage Heater is a reliable and efficient choice for individuals seeking swift, even heating with the added benefit of energy savings. Their ability to combine fan-assisted comfort with energy efficiency makes them a practical and environmentally conscious solution for heating various residential and commercial spaces. The Sunhouse brand creates energy efficient products at budget-friendly prices. 

Model SSHE050 SSHE070 SSHE100 SSHE125 SSHE150
Output W
Length cm
Depth cm
Height cm
Total weight kg
No. of bricks 6kg

Frequently Asked Questions

Storage Heaters Charge up over night using the 7 hrs of Economy 7. Manual Storage Heaters charge for the full 7 hours regardless of how much heat it used the previous day. Automatic Storage Heaters calculate how much heat was used the previous day and automatically work out how long they need to charge for. On Average this facility could save you up to 15%.

Yes, a 15cm gap needs to be left above any Storage heater. This is to help the convection of the product and prevent over heating. Storage heaters can not be covered as it poses a serious fire risk.

We suggest reducing the room set point temperature by 1°C.

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