Dimplex Quantum RF High Heat Retention Storage Heaters

Dimplex Quantum QM125
Product Code Dimensions Wattage Control Type Price

58cm x 18.5cm x 73cm


Digital Controls

£834.82 inc vat

70.3cm x 18.5cm x 73cm


Digital Controls

£885.29 inc vat

86.5cm x 18.5cm x 73cm


Digital Controls

£970.99 inc vat

106.9cm x 18.5cm x 73cm


Digital Controls

£1063.43 inc vat

106.9cm x 18.5cm x 73cm


Digital Controls

£1137.12 inc vat

£213.41 inc vat


Dimplex Quantum RF High Heat Retention Storage Heaters represent a cutting-edge solution for efficient and cost-effective heating in residential and commercial spaces. Leveraging advanced heat retention technology and wireless control features, these heaters offer a sophisticated and adaptable approach to maintaining a comfortable environment while optimising energy consumption.

Key Features:

  1. High Heat Retention Technology:

    • The Quantum RF heaters incorporate state-of-the-art high heat retention technology. This allows them to store and retain heat during off-peak hours, ensuring a steady and consistent warmth even during periods of reduced energy consumption. This not only enhances comfort but also contributes to significant energy savings.

  2. Adaptive Charging for Optimal Efficiency:

    • Equipped with adaptive charging technology, these heaters intelligently analyse and respond to users’ heating patterns. By dynamically adjusting the charging and release cycles, the Quantum RF heaters optimise energy usage, reducing costs while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. This adaptive approach ensures efficient heating tailored to individual preferences.

  3. Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) Control:

    • The inclusion of wireless RF controls adds a layer of convenience and flexibility to the Quantum RF heaters. Users can effortlessly adjust temperature settings, set heating schedules, and manage their heating systems remotely without direct physical access to the units. This wireless control capability enhances user convenience and adaptability.

  4. User-Friendly Programming and Operation:

    • Dimplex Quantum RF heaters prioritise user experience with intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface. Programming heating schedules and adjusting settings is straightforward, allowing individuals to customise their heating systems according to their specific needs. This simplicity promotes ease of use and empowers users to create a personalised and energy-efficient heating environment.


In summary, Dimplex Quantum RF High Heat Retention Storage Heaters offer an advanced heating solution that combines energy efficiency, intelligent control, and user-friendly design. With their high heat retention capabilities and wireless RF control features, these heaters provide a versatile and effective means of maintaining a comfortable living or working environment while optimising energy consumption.

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Dimplex Quantum RF heaters blend cutting-edge heat retention technology with wireless control capabilities. These heaters efficiently store and release heat during off-peak hours, ensuring consistent warmth and significant energy savings. Adaptive charging, intuitive wireless RF controls, and user-friendly programming make them a smart and convenient choice for personalized, cost-effective heating solutions in homes and commercial spaces. The Dimplex brand produces high quality products with impeccable, user-friendly functions, continuing to evolve to the latest trends of heating.

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