Elnur ECOHHR SOLAR High Heat Retention Storage Heaters

Elnur ECOHHR Solar High Heat Retention Storage Heater
Product Code Dimensions Wattage Control Type Price

72cm x 19.5cm x 73cm


Digital Controls

£797.38 inc vat

95cm x 19.5cm x 73cm


Digital Controls

£894.35 inc vat

183cm x 8cm x 73cm


Digital Controls

£1034.44 inc vat


The Elnur ECOHHR High Heat Retention SOLAR Storage Heaters are an innovative and eco-friendly high heat retention storage heater, designed to harness the power of Solar Energy for efficient heating. This advanced storage heater features cutting-edge technology that allows it to intelligently adapt its charging and heating cycles to maximise the use of free solar energy when available. By doing so, it significantly reduces energy consumption and heating costs.


With its High Heat Retention capabilities, the Elnur ECOHHR High Heat Retention SOLAR Storage Heaters ensures that the heat generated during the day is stored effectively and released gradually, maintaining a comfortable and consistent temperature in your living space throughout the day and night. Its digital controls provide easy programming and customisation, allowing users to tailor their heating preferences according to their daily routines.


Elnur’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the Elnur ECOHHR High Heat Retention SOLAR Storage Heaters’ construction, making it a reliable and long-lasting solution for eco-conscious homeowners. This environmentally responsible storage heater not only helps reduce carbon footprint but also offers substantial energy savings, making it a practical choice for those looking to embrace sustainable heating solutions. The Elnur ECOHHR High Heat Retention SOLAR Storage Heaters  is a smart and eco-friendly addition to any home, providing efficient and cost-effective heating while promoting environmental responsibility.

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How Elnur HHR Solar Storage Heaters Work

The ECOHHR SOLAR High Heat Retention Storage Heaters can operate as a back-up system to the main heating, consuming only the surpluses from the photovoltaic installation fed into the grid. These surpluses will be converted into stored heat and then later allocated to the room according to the set comfort needs.
If the generation of surpluses is not enough to provide the heating required, the ECOHHR SOLAR High Heat Retention Storage Heaters can operate as a single heating system and complete the charge during off-peak times.


The integral management of heating and the distribution and use of the solar production, as well as the control of the ECOHHR SOLAR storage heaters, is possible through the G Control System and the free Elnur Gabarron WiFi Control app.


For more information, why not check out Elnur’s website?


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Storage Heater Input**
Stored Energy
Balancing Element Output**
Length cm
Depth cm
Height cm
Total weight kg
No. of bricks 6kg
EAN 13

Frequently Asked Questions

Elnur Storage Heaters do not come with cable. They do not come with cable as the distance from a fused spurs varies too much to supply a set length. The qualified electrician would usually supply the cable needed to wire in your storage heater.

Storage Heaters Charge up over night using the 7 hrs of Economy 7. Manual Storage Heaters charge for the full 7 hours regardless of how much heat it used the previous day. Automatic Storage Heaters calculate how much heat was used the previous day and automatically work out how long they need to charge for. On Average this facility could save you up to 15%.

Yes, a 15cm gap needs to be left above any Storage heater. This is to help the convection of the product and prevent over heating. Storage heaters can not be covered as it poses a serious fire risk.

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