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Elnur ECOHHR40
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72cm x 19.5cm x 76cm


Digital Controls

£711.98 inc vat


The Elnur ECOHHR High Heat Retention Storage Heaters is a specific model of electric storage heaters designed by Elnur. These heaters are engineered to provide efficient and cost-effective heating solutions for residential and commercial spaces.


Elnur’s ECOHHR High Heat Retention Storage Heaters often feature advanced digital controls, multiple heat settings, and user-friendly interfaces. These heaters allow users to customize their heating schedules, ensuring comfort while minimizing energy consumption. The “High Heat Retention” aspect indicates that these storage heaters are designed with enhanced insulation and heat retention properties, optimizing their efficiency and reducing running costs.


These storage heaters are well-suited for spaces where a consistent and controlled level of warmth is required, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. Elnur’s commitment to quality and energy efficiency has made their ECOHHR High Heat Retention Storage Heaters a reliable choice for individuals and businesses seeking effective and cost-efficient ways to manage heating in their spaces.

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The Elnur ECOHHR High Heat Retention Storage Heaters are their most efficient range of storage heaters. The Elnur ECOHHR High Heat Retention Storage Heaters also manage the discharge to ensure that heat is available when needed. The smart ECOHHR Storage Heaters are fan assisted which provides faster room warm-up times. Due to their High Heat Retention capability and temperature accuracy to within 0.1ºC, less energy is wasted from temperature setting overshoot. Additionally, these modern Storage Heaters are fully compliant with “SAP” specification criteria for “High Heat Retention Storage Heaters” making them the perfect electric heating product for House Builders, Developers, Social Housing Providers, Private Landlords and Homeowners.



The “High Heat Retention” aspect of these storage heaters typically means they are built with improved insulation and efficient heat retention properties, which results in the stored heat being effectively preserved for longer periods. This enhances their energy efficiency and reduces running costs, making them a more economical choice for heating.


Elnur’s ECOHHR High Heat Retention Storage Heaters reflect the brand’s commitment to quality, performance, and energy efficiency. They are a trusted choice for those seeking effective and reliable ways to manage heating in their spaces while optimizing energy consumption and reducing costs.


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